Welcome to All Saints Harbury

During the vacancy period our churchwardens Liz and Michael, assisted by Revd.Ann & Revd.Bob, will be working to ensure parish business continues as normal

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All Saints' is a vibrant, friendly church with a long history of over 700 years in the village and continues to be a thriving place of worship now.We are the village church and therefore an important focal point for our local community, especially during Christian festivals like Christmas, Easter, Harvest and Remembrance time and during key life events like marriage and baptism (Christenings).

All Saints' is part of the Church of England. We are a broad church too - offering a wide range of worship styles, from lively and fun to quiet and reflective, built around a weekly celebration of Holy Communion.

There's plenty on offer for people of all ages, from weekly activities for children and young people to ministry among the elderly - above all we want the Good News of Jesus to be known and accessible to everyone.

One of our services in progress

All Saints' has three broad aims - we want to worship God, to share His love with others and to make Him known in our community, through our worship and our wide range of activities and events.

We're keen that people should feel that it's a safe place to come and be - we promise we won't jump on you and make you join something! And we don't claim to have all the answers but in our faith we've found a framework and friendship with God that is beginning to make sense. You are most welcome to travel this journey with us!


Purple is the colour for 'Lent'. Lent is the period of fasting leading up to the feast of Easter, recalling Jesus' 40-day fast in the wilderness.