About us / Our church and its aims

Revd.Craig of All Saints Harbury & All Saints Ladbroke

The comunity of All Saints exists for two main reasons: to worship God and to serve the local area. We meet to pray and worship. We draw near to God so that he can polish the tarnish from our fragile lives and restore his image in us.

We are a very mixed congregation. Our aim is to create an open "safe" community where people are encouraged and helped to meet God. We don't claim to have all the answers, but welcome you to come join us as we make the journey together. Christians take about God as a mystery - not a puzzle to be solved, but a relationship to be entered into and an experience to be loved. We want to foster mature disciples who live out their faith day by day.

At All Saints, the Eucharist (Holy Communion or Mass) is central to our worship. We look to the scriptures to mould us and teach us. We try hard to love others as we experience God's love for us. You are welcome to come and join us at any of our services.