About us / New Garden of Remembrance

We are in the process of drawing up plans for the creation of a new Garden of Remembrance. This will be located in the area behind the church and adjacent to the Tom Hauley Room.

Garden model plan view

The garden will provide desperately needed space for the burial of ashes and a memorial wall for people to remember their loved ones. A number of interments have already been made in this area but there is only space for about 6 further with associated plaques.

We were strongly encouraged by the Coventry Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches to face the garden outward so that people visiting had a sense of the security of a wall behind them and a reflective view outwards. For this to be achieved the decision has been taken to apply for the removal of the non-native Norwegian spruce tree. This is necessary both because of the visual dominance of the tree and its effect on the ground, draining it of nutrients.

Proposed view from Church Street

Essential features of any new memorial garden are:

  • interment of ashes for at least the next 25 years,
  • memorials must be in keeping with existing materials used in the churchyard,
  • Interments will be in the two quadrants of grass adjacent to the church wall and the Tom Hauley Room.

A new wall will be constructed in front of the current lower boundary wall and will be the same height as the existing wall that runs from behind the spruce to the corner by the THR. The inscriptions on the new memorial wall will be limited to the person’s name and dates. This will be supported by a Book of Remembrance held in church and will allow other commemorations to be made by the families of their loved ones. A hedge in front of the church wall and THR will help to define the area and provide a screen for a seating area.

Proposed view from Allotments

The area currently occupied by the spruce tree will be transformed to provide woodland planting schemes in front of the wall and the spruce will be replaced with a smaller less invasive variety to serve as a focal point and to screen the view from the overlooking house. The scheme will hopefully create an area of peace and tranquillity for all those who visit as well as reflecting the need for the garden to be easily maintained and to provide year round seasonal interest.

Schematic detail - click to enlarge

Larger scale plans of the proposed layout of the new garden are displayed on the church display boards, adjacent to the font. Discussions have been taking place with the District Council to whom a planning application has been submitted for the removal of the spruce tree. The visual impact of removing the tree will be minimal as it sits behind the substantial coppiced ash tree and so only a small part of it is visible from Crown Street. No part of the tree is visible from Church Street.

Philip Keeping
(on behalf of All Saints’ Parochial Church Council)
15 June 2015