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Open The Book

Open the Book is a scheme run by the Bible Society. Its aim is to give primary school children the chance to hear and enjoy the ' big story ' of the Bible.

Gemma North leads a team of around a dozen volunteers from All Saints' church, who go into Harbury CofE Primary School once a fortnight to do assembly.

Lion Storyteller Bible

We use the Lion Storyteller Bible, with its clear, well-written and engaging stories which are designed to be read aloud. Starting with 'In the Beginning' at Genesis, we go through some of the major Old Testament stories, then the life of Jesus, ending in Acts with Paul and other disciples sharing the good news.

Interactive Story-telling

The story-telling is interactive, so we use mime, props and simple costumes to bring the words to life. The children take turns to join in, acting out characters in the story, which they really enjoy. After the story we have a short prayer and a song, often accompanied by Mike on accordion ‐ who is also very good at producing sound effects!

Open the Book has the approval of OFSTED and helps the school with its statutory requirement to provide a collective act of worship. We are privileged to be able to do this in the school, and are grateful for the support and encouragement of Head Kate Guymer and her staff.