All Saints Parochial Church Council

What is a PCC?

A parochial church council (PCC) is the executive committee of a Church of England parish. It consists of clergy and churchwardens of the parish together with representatives of the laity (the body of religious worshippers).  Laity representatives are elected at the annual parochial church meeting each year.

Legally the PCC is responsible for the financial affairs of the church parish and the maintenance of its assets, such as a church and church hall, and for promoting the mission of the church. 

Who is on All Saints PCC?

  • Priest in Charge – Rev. Andy Batchelor
  • Andy Dean (Churchwarden)
  • Liz McBride (Churchwarden & Treasurer)
  • Kelly Jones (PCC Secretary)
  • Amy Pedvin-Lewis (Parish Safeguarding Officer)
  • Ann Mulley (Assistant Minister)
  • Michael Vincent
  • Brian Jones
  • Brian Pratt
  • David Cooke
  • Gemma Took (Reader ameritus)
  • John Eld
  • John Stringer
  • Lin Hayes
  • Peter Took (Reader ameritus)
  • Philip Mayer
  • Sarah Brooke-Taylor
  • Will Jones (Tower captain)
  • Emma Browne

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