Our Safeguarding Team

Amy Pedvin Lewis - Safeguarding Officer

Safeguarding Officer

Amy Pedvin-Lewis

07894 516081

Liz McBride - Church Warden

Church Warden

Liz McBride

01926 612421

Michael Vincent - Church Warden

Church Warden

Michael Vincent

01926 614806

You can also speak to the diocesan Safeguarding Team on 02476521345, 24 hours a day.


There are many situations whereby a member of the church may have concerns, or be made aware of concerns, regarding a child, young person and adult. For example:

  • A child, young person or adult discloses abuse; Someone discloses concern for a child, young person or adult;
  • Someone notices signs of potential abuse of a child, young person or adult;
  • A child, young person or adult makes a disclosure about their own behaviour towards another child, young person or adult;
  • Someone witnesses concerning behaviour during a church activity or during a home visit.

The concern or allegation might relate to someone at church or to someone elsewhere (e.g. at home, work or school).

Raising Concerns

What to do if...

Reporting a safeguarding issue can be done using this procedure.

Further resources

More details can are available on the safeguarding section of the diocesan website including contact details for the diocesan safeguarding officer.

Our policy

The All Saints Harbury PCC follow the diocesand safeguarding procedure. View it here or directly from their website.

If you are raising a safeguarding issue then you can be expect the person you tell to follow our reporting procedure.

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Liz McBride - Church Warden

Liz McBride

Tel: 01926 612421 or Email: