A thought for Trinity Sunday from Rev Ann

A thought for Trinity Sunday

Trinity Sunday, the day we celebrate God as three in one, is the triumphant high point of all we celebrate at Christmas, Good Friday, Easter and Pentecost but we don’t always treat it like that. The problem is we often start with the concept. We try to understand intellectually how three can be one and yet three and think of clover leaves, three stranded ropes and so on but that treats Trinity as an academic theory rather than the powerful living reality of God in the mixture of our lives today with coronavirus, economic recession, illness, loss, worries over families, friends or finances – and also the joys of family, friendship, village community, kindness from strangers, the glories of this beautiful spring and more.

Our God is the mighty, powerful God of all goodness, truth beauty and life, who brought the universe and every living thing in it, great or tiny, into being; who is ultimately in control of everything – although his ways are often beyond our understanding. He is so great that he will ultimately deal with all evil and the future of the world is safe in his hands, yet his unimaginable greatness and timelessness makes us seem so small and insignificant that it’s difficult sometimes to really take in how such a great God can care for each individual, care about us.

But our God also came down to our level as Jesus to share in all that it means to be human. In his passionate love for us, he went though betrayal, humiliation, weakness, pain and death to bring us free forgiveness and new life in the circle of God’s love, both now and after death. He shows us what love truly is. God the Father and Jesus are woven together in love, the love that through Jesus reaches out to include us. Jesus said to Thomas “I am in the Father and the Father is in me” John 14:10 “Nothing can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus (Roman 8:39).

Our God is also the Holy Spirit, who comes to each of us in love and power, walking beside us in our lives. Jesus said the Father and he would send the Holy Spirit but also that he and the Father would come and make their homes with
those who loved him. John 14:26 15:26 It is in and with God, the Holy Spirit that Jesus and Father comes to us. In the Holy Spirit, God the three in one comes into our hearts and minds to bring his comfort, peace, help, healing, new
understanding and inspiration, fresh strength and courage – if we’ll let him in – God the three in one come to renew and revive us, challenge and encourage us, and grow us in faith and love.

It doesn’t matter if we can’t understand exactly how God can be three and one. What matters knowing that because God is the all powerful creator of the world, and our friend who suffered for us in love and the one with us now in our homes, lives and hearts, that we can go forward with him into the uncertain new normal we face with hope and courage.

Ann Mulley

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