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A community church

Estate Agents find it easier to sell properties, and at higher prices, in villages and towns which have an active church. The presence of a church gives the settlement a centre and a sense of community – not just to church-goers, but to anyone looking for a place to live.

That’s not really surprising. A church building is a material focus. If the church is old, it gives a sense of history and continuity. It says that people have chosen this place to live and raise families for years – maybe centuries – and were happy to worship here with their neighbours.

So it’s important, not just for church-goers, to restore and maintain the building. You might agree with Churchill:

‘I am not a pillar of the church, but a buttress. I support it, but from outside.’

Winston Churchill, speaking to his Private Secretary in the 1950s.

Many people don’t want our church to close. They feel like this.

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