Why is Harbury Church STILL unheated?

Some people in the village have been asking why our much loved Church is going through another Christmas without heating. And why are we in the Heat, Light & Stone team continuing to seek your support as we approach another year?

One of the main reasons is simply that we are sticking to the principle of minimising carbon impact for the future. The technology we will be installing, using radiant heat panels in the roof, is state of the art and took several months to be chosen and designed. The design (with lower annual energy running costs as recommended by the Church Building Council in London) is new to the Coventry Diocese advisors and is visually different to conventional systems. Hence, it is only after many months of review, refinement and discussion that we hope to gain Diocesan approval next month. And, of course, Covid has added delays to all our dealings with contractors and the Diocese. You can be assured that many hours and days of effort have also gone into designing and estimating the lighting and stone works.

And, as to why we need more of your generous donations, the selected heating system is an advanced design and not the cheapest option to install; however, this will be compensated for by lower running costs in the future – as well as the carbon saving. There is also much urgent work needed to repair the stone fabric and we should be able to start this work in the spring.

We ask you to be patient for a few months more until work commences and, if you are able to support any future appeals, we will be tremendously grateful. We have fundraising events and projects planned for next month and into 2022 – and if you have ideas or would like to join our fundraising team, we’d love to hear from you.

Whatever you can do to support our appeal is very welcome and greatly appreciated. For further details, please follow John Stringer’s regular updates on the project in the Harbury & Ladbroke News.

A huge and heartfelt thank you from the project team.

And the churchwardens: –

Michael Vincent tel: 01926 614806 Liz McBride tel: 01926 612421

Email: warden@allsaintsharbury.org

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